Mar E Sol Rules

We request that Guests abide by and respect the Rules set out by the Management Committee at the Maresol Complex. Happy and harmonious living within the Company Area is achieved when Members and Guests use and enjoy this Holiday Home as well as the common areas and other facilities within the Company Area in a responsible manner.
All persons arriving at or departing from the Company Area shall notify the management company appointed by the Company at least 48 (forty eight) hours before such arrival or departure.

No activity or hobby shall be conducted on any Site, which will cause aggravation or nuisance to fellow Residents or which interferes with the expected tranquil nature of the Area. This is a Category I Rule.
The volume of music, electronic instruments, entertainment or activities emanating from the house should be at such level as not to cause nuisance to any other Residents on the Company Area or on the Company Area. This is a Category I Rule.
No washing should be hung on lines unless screened from all roads and neighbouring Sites.
Refuse must be properly retained from being exposed to other Residents, wildlife, common areas and eco-sensitive areas. Collection and disposal of refuse regarding refuse removal will be by means of a system already set in place. Kindly contact the Management Office with any problems regarding this matter.

Please note – it is very, very important to adhere to the regulations pertaining to the use of Septic Tanks. If the following procedure is not followed to the letter, Septic Tanks will overflow and we will have the unpleasant job of continuously emptying out these containers. The Tanks are 2 compartmental containers that consist of a water run-off section (to French Drain) and a section for solid waste. The solid waste section is biodegradable in that natural bacteria and other organisms will ensure that the waste is continuously depleted. If any chemical, detergent, sanitary material, plastics, soap or cleaner is put down the toilet then the natural process will be disturbed and the waste will not be destroyed. We would appreciate it if you would kindly assist us in this matter.

Trailers, boats, all garden equipment, tools, vehicle, or boating accessories such as sails, masts, oars, engines and parts, should be stored or left out of view and screened from roadways or neighbouring properties, to the satisfaction of the Company.
The use of any part of the Company Area whether on land or at sea by Residents is entirely at their own risk.

Residents shall not allow any child under the age of 16 (sixteen) years to live on the Company Area, drive a vehicle or motor boat, put to sea, in a boat, canoe or yacht, or to swim out to sea, or dive in the ocean unless accompanied by and under the supervision of an adult of 21 (twenty one) years of age or older.

No fire shall be lit on the Company Property or in the Immovable Improvements except at the discretion of the Management Company or in designated areas or fireplaces pre-determined by the Members
No camping shall be permitted on the Company Property whatsoever
No dogs, cats or any pets are permitted on the Company Area. This is a Category I Rule.
If a Resident damages any part of the Company Area or improvements thereon whether accidentally, negligently or wilfully, the Member at whose invitation or business the Resident is on the Company Area shall be liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the same. The cost of such repairs or replacements will be part of the Member’s levy.
Residents shall not use, or traverse beach boats, immediately in front of beachfront properties which do not belong to them. All boat owners shall beach their boats at designated launching sites or marina or common beach areas as determined by the local Authorities.
Residents shall not house a caravan or build or erect a garden hut, Site hut, lapa, gazebo, or braai area or any other type of temporary structure on the Company Area without the permission of the Company.
Residents may fish and must abide by the Local Legislation pertaining to this activity.
Animals (marine or land), fish, birds in nests on the ground, shall at all times have right of way within the Company Area.
No turtles may be disturbed whether at sea or in the process of nesting. No turtle whilst on the beach may be approached to within 20 (twenty) metres and no light may be shone on them.
No person may disturb or approach to within 20 (twenty) metres of any whales, dugongs, dolphins or whale sharks.
The onus shall be on a Guest at all times to see to his or her own safety when on the Company Area. The liability for the consequences of any injury sustained on the Company Area or reserve whether in or on the sea or land or in the air from whatever cause shall not rest with the Company, and all Members hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Company, against any claim or loss howsoever arising therefrom.
Residents shall park in the specially demarcated areas.

An identity card system for local Residents of the Company Area, temporary, and permanent workers, staff and contractor representatives and their employees has been put in place. We therefore request that Guests adhere to security protocol by requesting an identity card from employees entering the property.

Thank you.