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Apr 27

Restoring my faith in humanity...

From time to time one hears of incidents of corruption in Mozambique. I would like to share a story about an experience l had in January this year. I had flown from Johannesburg to Maputo. At the airport in Maputo I was transported to my hotel and on arrival I had to pay a deposit.​

I reached for my purse and was alarmed to find it gone!! I knew I had it just before leaving the airport as I had taken it out to give a tip to the young gentleman who helped with my cases. Needless to say I then found myself in Mozambique with no money, no credit card - ID, Drivers etc and worse ... no purse which had R2000 cash in which was in open view not even tucked away out of sight. 

When i returned to the airport to fly back I decided to report it to the policia’s office at the Maputo airport. Lo and behold they had my purse - notes and all. I had apparently dropped it on exiting the airport a week earlier and someone handed it in. A wonderful testimony to those police officers working there and thank you to the honest person who handed it in.
~ Noreen de Gouveia ~

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